Museum of Yerevan History

Museum of Yerevan History was founded in 1931. Since 1937 it was located in Gyol-Mechet ( Blue Mosque ). In 2005 the museum moned to the newly finished building of the City Coulcil. The architect of that building is Jim Torossian. Collections of furniture, coins and paper money bills, metals and textiles, photos and documents related to the history of Yerevan scenery are on display. Art works with Yerevan scenery are also on display /F. Rubo, F. Mashkov, G. Bashinjaghian, P. Terlemezian, S. Arakelian, M. Sarian, H. kojoian, G. Giurjanian:

address: 1 Argishti St., Yerevan, Armenia

phone number: (10) 56-81-85, 56-81-08

Open: Tuesday – Friday

10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

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