Erebuni: Yerevan City Foundation Museum

In the south-eastern part of Yerevan, on the hill of Arin Berd raises Erebuni citadel, which was the first big Urartian center of the Aza country situated in Ararat valley.

In 1968 on 2750 anniversary of the foundation of Yerevan, the museum of Erebuni was built on the slopes of the citadel. The museum carries valuable artifacts of the Urartian culture.

King Argishti I founded the city in782 B.C. It was called Erebuni, which later was transformed into Irpuini, Erivani, Erivan, Yerevan.

address: 38 Erebuni ave., Yerevan, Armenia

number: (10) 45-82-07

open: from Tuesday to Sunday (10a.m-5p.m)

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