Armenian Cuisine

Armenian Cuisine resembles a poetry where each verse has its own flavor. It guidesus to the feasts of the rulers, the shepherds and the monks, enriched with the ancient Hellenistic and Middle Eastern receipts.

The essence of the Armenian cuisine is in its myriads of big and small secrets. Poems were written about it and got an epic reflection.

Various herbs, fish, meat, dairy, bread, salt and spring water combined with the art of cooking give the Armenian Cuisine its subtle and unique taste.

Cheese, herbs and lavash (traditional bread) are the indispensable components of the Armenian table. Every Armenian longs for the traditional bread lavash in any part of the world.

Lavash is baked in toneer which is a round-shaped clay oven dug into the ground. Lavash has an oval shape and 2-3 mm thickness. Armenians use lavash to warp herbs, cheese, khorovats and other kinds of food.

Alexander Dumas was very impressed with the Armenian khorovats (BBQ) during his trip to Caucasus. He was recommending his French friends to taste it.

Lamb, veal or pork are used for cooking khorovats. The meat is specially chosen, marinated and then cooked on metal skewers.

Whole lamb or goat is stuffed with rice or cracked wheat and hung into toneer.

Another famous dish of the Armenian traditional cuisine is kyuftah which is prepared from minced veal.

Dolma is prepared from grond meat which is wrapped up either in grape leaves or cabbage. In summer they stuff also eggplants, tomatoes and peppers. Grape leaf dolma is served with madzoun and garlic.

Armenian cuisine has a few dishes related to the winter season. Armenians skillflly smoke meat, fish, poultry. One of the most popular winter dishes is ghavurma which is fried veal or lamb put in terracotta jars and kept under the soll.

From ancient times Armenian cuisine is famous for its dish dishes. Rivers and lakes of Armenia are rich in fish. Lake Sevan is especially known foe its variety – ishkhan, bakhtak, sig, beghlu, kohak.

Madzun (yogurt) is an indispensable from Armenian table. Madzun is used for making spas and tanapur (traditional soups) and to marinate meat.

Armenia is famous for its fruit – pomegranates, apricots, grapes, peaches, pears and figs. Armenians are superb winemarkers. Today you may try not only wide range of Armenian grape wines but also very tastfulpomegranate wine. And the Armenian cognac has been world famouse renowned for a long time. Great cognac gourmet Winston Churchill preferred to drink only Aremenian cognac.

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Museum of Russian Art in Armenia

The museum Russian Art was founded in 1984. The museum owns an outstanding Russian painting collection of  the borders of 19th and 20th centuries. Trying to give a full panorama of Russian artistic life of that period, perofessor Aram Abrahamian brought thgether paintings and decorative art items of almost all the outstanding artists of the time. The museum collection contains 333 art works.

address: 38 Issahakian St., Yerevan, Armenia

Phone number: (10) 56-08-72, 56-07-52

Open: from Tuesday to Sunday

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Museum of Yerevan History

Museum of Yerevan History was founded in 1931. Since 1937 it was located in Gyol-Mechet ( Blue Mosque ). In 2005 the museum moned to the newly finished building of the City Coulcil. The architect of that building is Jim Torossian. Collections of furniture, coins and paper money bills, metals and textiles, photos and documents related to the history of Yerevan scenery are on display. Art works with Yerevan scenery are also on display /F. Rubo, F. Mashkov, G. Bashinjaghian, P. Terlemezian, S. Arakelian, M. Sarian, H. kojoian, G. Giurjanian:

address: 1 Argishti St., Yerevan, Armenia

phone number: (10) 56-81-85, 56-81-08

Open: Tuesday – Friday

10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

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Erebuni: Yerevan City Foundation Museum

In the south-eastern part of Yerevan, on the hill of Arin Berd raises Erebuni citadel, which was the first big Urartian center of the Aza country situated in Ararat valley.

In 1968 on 2750 anniversary of the foundation of Yerevan, the museum of Erebuni was built on the slopes of the citadel. The museum carries valuable artifacts of the Urartian culture.

King Argishti I founded the city in782 B.C. It was called Erebuni, which later was transformed into Irpuini, Erivani, Erivan, Yerevan.

address: 38 Erebuni ave., Yerevan, Armenia

number: (10) 45-82-07

open: from Tuesday to Sunday (10a.m-5p.m)

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Armenian Flag

Theris no resemblance between the earliest Armenian flag of antiquity and today’s tricolor. The ancient flag diplayed a dragon, an eagle, or some mysterious object of the gods (sometimes a lion). With the advent of Christianity, the Aermenian kingdom adopted many different flags representing various dynasties.
When Armenia became independent, it utilized the modern Armenian tricolor. The independent Armenia’s goverment selected the colors of the last period of the Rubinian Dynasty: red, blue and yellow, in which yellow was replaced by orange.
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Star Supermarket

Star supermarket

Some information about Star Supermarket:

In 20/04/2010 workers of Star supermarket organized planting trees in park “Aresh”. Planting trees in spring is a tradition work for workers of star supermarket. It was inspected the area for planting trees by team of nature preservation specialists and FPWC. For first they cleaned the area the area and after that they began planting. They plants 60 trees (ash, elm, plane, and …).
The planting trees is very important mission in Armenia. We are very thankful of Star supermarket workers. They have done great work for all of us – Armenians. Keep it and next year I will join you!

Here is the all addresses of Star supermarket.

address: Amiryan 13
phone number: 53-55-77, 53-65-21
open from 8:00 to 01:00

address: Tigran Mets 37
phone number: 56-58-80, 51-95-19
open 24 hours

address: Davit Anhaght 21
phone number: 24-97-95, 24-97-96
open 24 hours

address: Avan 24/7
phone number:  62-02-14, 62-91-70
open from 8:00 to 01:00

address: Gayi 16
phone number: 63-16-27, 63-24-85
open from 8:00 to 01:00

address: Mashtots 42-1/17
phone number: 58-93-43
open 24 hours

address: Babajanyan 18
phone number: 73-97-92, 73-97-91
open 8:00 to 01:00

address: Garegin Njdeh 21
phone number: 44-84-60, 44-93-92
open from 8:00 to 01:00

address: Avetisyan 48/1
phone number: 66-57-77, 66-67-76
open from 8:00 to 01:00

address: Azatutyan 21
phone number: 23-80-61, 23-68-90
open 24 hours

address: Erebuni 18
phone number: 43-27-73
open from 8:00 to 01:00
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Sas Supermarket

Here is all addresses of Sas supermarket

address: M. Baghramian 85
phone number: 53-88-88‎

address: M. Mashtot 18
phone number: 53-33-99‎

address: Arshakuni 25/1
phone number: 55-05-05 52-57-22

address: Tumanyan 31
phone number: 53-93-99

address: Komitas 52
phone number: 53-88-88

address: Qajazuni 20/1
phone number: 54-90-54

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Fitness Centers in Armenia

name: The Kettlebell Shop
address: Xanjyan, Yerevan, Australia
phone number: (10) 55-49-23
name: Chess House
address: Xanjyan, Yerevan, Armenia
phone number: (10) 55-49-23
name: Orange Fitness
address: Tsitsernakaberd Highway, Building 7/1, Yerevan, Armenia
phone number: (10) 52-20-20
name: Yerevan University Tennis Club
address: Aleq Manukyan, Yerevan, Armenia
phone number:
name: Congress Hotel
address: 1 Movses Khorenatsi Street, Yerevan, Armenia
phone number: (10) 59-11-99
name: Golden Tulip Hotel
address: 14 Abovian StreetYerevan, Armenia
phone number: (10) 58-94-00
name: DDT Sport Complex
address: Komitas StreetYerevan, Armenia
phone number: (10) 23-70-40
name: Hayastan
address: 2a H.Kochar StreetYerevan, Armenia
phone number: (10) 22-75-93
name: Harmonia
address: 47a Lalayants StreetYerevan, Armenia
phone number: (10) 53-75-01
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Banks In Yerevan

46 Nalbandian Street, Yerevan 375010, Armenia‎name: Central Bank of RA

address: Vazgen Sargsian Street, Yerevan, Armenia

9 Sayat Nova Ave, Yerevan, Armenia

number: (10) 58-38-41‎

name: HSBC Bank

address: 66 Isahakyan Street, Yerevan, Armenia

Yeghbayrutian street, Yerevan, Armenia

3 Komitas Avenue, Yerevan 0033, Armenia‎

Nor Zeytun, Azatutyan Avenue, Yerevan, Armenia

number: (10) 51-50-00


name: Inecobank

address: 17 Tumanyan Street, Yerevan , Armenia

number: (10) 51-05-10‎


name: Prometey Bank

address: 44/2 Hanrapetutyan str., Yerevan, Armenia

number: (10) 52-17-05‎


name: Pro Credit Bank

address: Spendiarian Street, Yerevan, Armenia

number: (10) 50-01-91‎


name: BTA invest bank

address: Vardanants Street, Yerevan , Armenia

number: (10) 50-07-77‎


name: ABB Bank

address: 48 Nalbandyan Street, Yerevan, Armenia

number: (10) 59-20-20‎


name: Converse Bank

address: 26/1 Vazgen Sargsian Street, Yerevan, Armenia

Komitas Avenue, Yerevan, Armenia‎

19 Sayat Nova Ave, Yerevan, Armenia‎

39/12 Mashtots str. Isahakyan Street, Yerevan, Armenia

Isahakyan Street, Yerevan, Armenia‎

Lusavorich Street, Vanadzor, Armenia

number: (10) 28-10-15‎


name: VTB Bank

address: 46 Nalbandian Street, Yerevan 375010, Armenia‎

Zakaria Kanakertsi street, Yerevan, Armenia

Nor Arabkir, Yerevan, Armenia‎

Vanadzor, Yerevan,  Armenia‎

number: (10) 56-58-60


name: Arexim Bank

address: Nalbandyan Street, Yerevan, Armenia

number: (10) 56-96-66‎


name: Armeconom Bank

address: 23/1 Amiryan Street, Yerevan, Armenia

number: (10) 53-05-06‎


name: Cascade Bank

address: Deghatan Street, Yerevan, Armenia



name: Ararat Bank‎

address: Pushkin Street, Yerevan, Armenia



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Cinemas in Erevan

name: Moscow

address: 18 Abovian Street, Yerevan, Armenia

number: (10) 52-12-40, 52-12-10


name: 7 Stills

address: 11 Tumanyan Street, Yerevan, Armeniaphone

number: (10) 56-28-18


name: Nairi

address: 50 Mashtoc Ave., Yerevan, Armenia

number: (10) 54-28-29


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